Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements

The following list outlines the basic requirements that every Teleporte user needs in order to open a Sera4 lock. 

Step 1: Smartphone Compatibility

1.  Teleporte is supported in both Android and iOS devices.  The minimum versions supported are: Android (4.4.3) and iOS (7).

Step 2: Teleporte Mobile Application

1.  Download the Teleporte mobile application, a vailable for Android devices at the  Play Store , and for iOS devices at the  App Store .
2. If you already downloaded the application, m ake sure to use the latest version of the Teleporte mobile application. There are periodic updates of the application that contain important enhancements to benefit all Teleporte users, so it is important to download the latest version when available .

Step 3: Teleporte Account

1. Verify that you have an active Teleporte account. When users are added to Teleporte, the system sends them an email with instructions to  setup a password to  activate their accounts. If you do not have a Teleporte account yet, please contact the administrator of the lock or site that your are trying to access.
2. Activation emails from Teleporte sometimes can be found in the junk or spam email folders, please check these folders as well.
3. After setting a Teleporte password, users can log in to the Teleporte mobile application with the email and password that is registered to their Teleporte accounts.  

4. Users can also reset their Teleporte passwords from the Teleporte mobile application by selecting the option "Forgot Password?" .

Step 4: Teleporte Keys

1.  Verify that you have a key assigned to open the lock.
2.  Validate the key assigned has a valid access period (valid from | valid until) to make sure the key can be used

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