Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements

The following list outlines the basic requirements that every Teleporte user needs in order to open a Sera4 lock. 

Step 1: Smartphone Compatibility

1.  Teleporte is supported in both Android and iOS devices.  The minimum versions supported are: Android (6) and iOS (7).

Step 2: Teleporte Mobile Application

1. Download the Teleporte mobile application, available for Android devices at the  Play Store , and for iOS devices at the  App Store .
2. Make sure to use the latest version available of the mobile application.

Step 3: Teleporte Account

1. Verify that you have activated your Teleporte account by setting a password. When users are added to Teleporte, the system sends them an email with instructions to setup a password to activate their accounts.
2. If you have not received a Teleporte Activation email, please contact the administrator of the lock or site that your are trying to access to request a Teleporte account. Activation emails from Teleporte sometimes can be found in the junk or spam email folders, please check these folders as well.
3. After setting a Teleporte password, users can log in to the Teleporte mobile application with the email and password that is registered to their Teleporte accounts.  

Step 4: Teleporte Keys

1.  Verify that you have a key assigned to open the lock. You can check your assign keys by selecting the key icon in the mobile application.
2.  Validate the access period (valid from | valid until) of the key assigned to make sure the key can be used

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