Mobile Application

Which smartphones work with Teleporte?

All phones with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology work with Teleporte. Generally, this is all phones since iOS 10.3 and Android 6 was released. If you encounter a specific phone variant that has trouble connecting, please let us know at support@sera4.com

My key is going to expire, how to keep it active?

Ask your administrator for another key with a new expiry date. Digital keys are permanent records and cannot be extended. You may have 2 keys for the same lock at the same time. Old keys will expire and be removed automatically.

When I request a key, how long does it take for access to be granted?

When the mobile device is online, administrators are notified of the key request immediately. It is up to the Administration team to approve key requests.

When a key is issued, how long does it take for it to arrive on my phone?

Keys are automatically downloaded to the mobile device upon initial login to the server, and every 10 minutes in the background. If your administrator has recently granted a key, use the refresh button on the keys tab of the Teleporte application.

The “Valid Till” date on the Teleporte Server and Teleporte App don’t match, why?

Keys downloaded to the mobile device are valid for a maximum of seven days. While a user may have digital key rights on the server for weeks or months, a mobile device will only download keys valid for a short period of time to ensure the latest and most up-to-date keys are used and available. As the key nears expiration on the mobile device, a new key will be downloaded to extend the access - if permitted by the server.

Can I use the Teleporte app when I do not have a cellular or internet connection?

The Teleporte mobile application can download and store keys for use while offline. Although the initial account setup and key downloads must occur online, offline use of those keys can occur up to seven days after going offline. Similarly, access logs from a lock are cached on the mobile device until it returns into coverage — so there are no concerns with using Teleporte offline.


What user roles does Teleporte accommodate?

Teleporte accounts can have the status of user or administrator. Teleporte users can sign into the system with the mobile application to open locks, request keys, request support and other functions necessary to access sites. Administrators can see all data with an organization, issue keys, set policies, generate reports, etc.

How many keys can I issue for a lock?

There are no limits of keys for a single lock; however, Administrators should be careful when assigning keys to users and groups. Carefully consider the number of digital keys in the field as you would for real keys — noting there is an increased risk of security breach. Also consider that adding 75 locks to a single lock group and assigning a group key to 2000 users also means that the system is dealing with 150k keys for a single group — this has implications on the mobile data usage of users as they download and refresh their keys on a weekly basis

How do I reactivate a deleted user?

Deleted users can be (re)added to the server using the same method to add new users. It should be noted that all keys are deleted when the user is deleted, so you will need to setup all the required permissions and keys.

Are there any limits to the number of padlocks we can install on a network?

Practically, no. Technically, there is a limit in the 4 billion range but if we came close to that we could engineer additional capacity.

What API standard do you follow and how do you maintain the API?

Since Teleporte API version 3, our our API is fully REST-compliant, conforming with the OpenAPI specification. Version 3 added support for webhooks (callbacks).  We continue to evolve and expand the API to support the new features we are implementing.  Our API is version controlled and managed. It aims to be backwards compatible, and will continue to be controlled as per the public definition published at https://apidocs.sera4.com

AP3 Padlock

What is the lifetime of the battery?

Please refer to the data sheet (the data sheet is available only for registered users)  for detailed information about the lifetime of the battery as it can vary with temperature and number of openings.

Why is the padlock LED pink or purple?

A pink or purple LED indicates that the padlock is in maintenance mode to keep battery and other components healthy. This maintenance mode can be interrupted at any time by pressing button once.

What is the maximum distance that my phone will connect to the AP3 padlock?

The AP3 padlock will connect to your phone up to a maximum distance of 30 cm (1 foot). 

Can we weld directly to the padlock?

Users should not do anything that will change the physical structure of the padlock. Please refer to the Installation Guide.

Why am I seeing rust on the AP3 shackle?

The rust observed on the shackles is purely cosmetic and does not affect the strength of the shackle or the operation of the padlock. Rust is normal for boron-steel in certain environments, especially marine environments. In the design of AP3, we faced a choice of using a weaker stainless steel that would not corrode or a stronger boron steel for the shackle. We chose boron because we believe it is more important for the locks to work and be strong than it is for them to be pretty.

What is the impact resistance of the padlock?

AP3 is designed to withstand >2 meters impact resistance with no functional impairment. It is certified to EN62262-IK10, which is the highest level of impact resistance.

How many mobile devices can connect with a lock at a time?

Just like a physical key, Sera4 padlocks and controllers can only have one mobile device connected at a given time.

Do AP3 padlocks have software updates?

AP3 software updates could be available to implement enhancements or new features. These software updates can be completed over Bluetooth with the Teleporte mobile application. Software updates are not supported in iOS devices yet, so you need an Android smartphone to complete them.

What is battery maintenance?

Battery maintenance is a periodic process that keeps the lithium battery activated to avoid passivation. This process can also be triggered manually for 24 hours by holding the button for 30 seconds.

How do I change the battery?

This video shows how to change the battery of a AP3 padlock. 


Is there a way to remotely unlock a lock with Teleporte?

No. The system was designed this way intentionally as a security mechanism. When there is any logical or physical possibility to remotely unlock a lock, there will always exist the risk that an administrator mistake (or a hacker) may unlock things by accident or, in the worst case, unlock all nodes on a network. Even if one padlock were accidentally unlocked remotely it would be impossible to relock it remotely resulting in an unacceptable physical security risk. At Sera4, we believe that the only time a lock should be opened is when someone is physically present to open it. It is possible for an administrator to issue a key on request to a user when he arrives on-site (in online mode only). This method of tight control is already used by several Teleporte customers effectively and is similar to a remote unlock operation without the security risks described with a pure remote unlock. Here you can find more information on why we are against remote unlock : The case against Remote Unlock.

What happens to the logs if someone uses a lock and then deletes the app before it has a chance to report the access logs?

No problem. The Teleporte solution synchronizes lock logs across the latest versions in the lock, the server and the mobile application. In the case that a log event wasn't captured by a users phone or that a user's phone captured it but didn't update the server for any reason, the next Teleporte user nearby will synchronize the complete lock logs and update the server. In time, all Teleporte logs synchronize across the system automatically. There is no single point of failure.

Is it possible for other Teleporte clients to gain access to my data on Teleporte?

No. All organizations are set up on dedicated infrastructure. The security and privacy of Teleporte is paramount, so there are no scenarios where customers – even on shared servers -- can see other customer’s data. 

Have you conducted a third-party cybersecurity audit?

Yes. We maintain a constant focus on security in design, development and infrastructure. This is a continuous process and it includes third-party testing.

RMC8 Rack Controller

How can I identify the primary from the backup controller in the RMC8?

The RMC8 has two integrated controllers, one of which is only used as backup in case of power failure. The primary controller has even number as a HW ID, while the backup controller has an odd number HW ID